Welcome to the Bulletin of Health Policy & Law

A New Journal for The New Millennium

This issue marks the first of the Bulletin of Health Policy & Law. With growing global by a wide array health policy issues, the world is getting smaller while health policy concerns implicating public health are growing larger. From delivery reform, global risks of counterfeit drugs, and Internet e-Health issues to health diplomacy, pandemics, and brain drain from developing to developed countries, many issues face us as citizens of the globe, rather than being defined by geopolitical borders. Hence, a literature that recognizes this interdependence and addresses domestic, global, and/or the interface between domestic and global health is sorely needed. This was the impetus of the creation of the Bulletin of Health Policy & Law.

We seek articles that address key concerns that impact developing, middle income as well as developed countries. In particular, we are interested in controversial, unconventional, and unique interdisciplinary and empirical perspectives and analyses in our pieces. Our focus is the interface and intercalation of issues facing the world’s populace in health, broadly construed. We also seek works that are empirical, theoretical, and observational (e.g., commentaries; field reports; research letters) to inform our multidisciplinary audience regarding potential policy approaches and/or lessons learned from a particular environment. It is our hope that such a diversity of works can spur collaborations and programmatic efforts that mutually benefit patients, communities, and stakeholders. We also welcome comments on articles in our Reactions & Responses section, which provide an opportunity for reader
participation and insights on published works in the Bulletin.

We also provide a section on Recent Developments, which currently we are fortunate to have the students Health Law Society of California Western School of Law providing contributions and editing. Both JD students as well as MA students from the Joint California Western School of Law-University of California, San Diego in Health Law participate.

Bulletin is an open access journal, permitting access to content immediately online without charge. We are very supportive of this model, as we are hopeful that the works published can be used by developing and emerging country policymakers immediately to promote public health without the barrier of copyright or subscription fees.

We hope you take the opportunity to peruse the
Bulletin and consider submitting pieces yourself. We look forward to our readership’s collective wisdom and rigorous participation in the journal.

Best wishes,

Bryan A. Liang, MD, PhD, JD, Editor
Tim K. Mackey, MAS, Deputy Editor